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The Regal Commitment

At Regal, we are all about helping you reach the top. Our technological implementations and operational infrastructures are intended for the sole purpose of supporting you in your rise up the ranks of the financial ladder.

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Market Insights

Success comes to those who are well prepared, and our market insights will help you be just that. Discover everything you need to know about Forex and FX Derivatives trading with our exhaustive resources and position yourself for success.

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Trading Strategies

Every trader needs a strategy they can call their own and fall back on to help them make the best trading decisions. Learn more about the core FX strategies and how they can benefit you throughout your trading journey.

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Spot Forex

Spot Forex

Bring out the best in your Forex trades and perform under the ideal market conditions with our competitive spreads and wide range of currency pair offerings, all of which are accessible with our Regal Trader.

Multi-Asset Derivatives

Multi-Asset Derivatives

Trading across a combination of stock index derivatives and currencies from the Asia Pacific Region, Europe and the Americas allows you to diversify your assets and thus strengthen your position in the markets.

Multi-Asset Derivatives

Multi-Asset Derivatives

The Regal FX Derivatives Trader gives you access to a host of assets under the metals, commodities and exotics classes, all of which are popular choices for traders looking to branch out from the FX market.

Multi-Asset Derivatives

Multi-Asset Derivatives

Our Currency-Classed Multi-Asset Derivatives hinge on currency pairs—assets with high liquidity and which are thus constantly being traded on in high volumes. The Derivatives we offer give traders high exposure to the major and minor currencies.

Multiple Tradable Assets, Multiple Ways To Profit

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Reach for Your Dreams | Explore More Possibilities | Go the Distance | Apply More Knowledge | Lead the Way into the Future

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Flexible Leverage of 1:1000
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Regal FX Derivatives Trader

Our Regal FX Derivatives Trader is the result of exhaustive market research and continuous engineering. It is where the simplicity of FX Derivatives trading meets the power of the engine—exploit the combination of full charting capabilities, a complete suite of technical indicators and utmost user-flexibility.

Regal Mobile Trader

Forex and FX Derivatives Trading does not have to take place on your desktop computer. With the Regal Mobile Trader, you will be able to bring the powerful trading engine wherever you go. Access your trading account right on your mobile device and harness the power of our trading platform.

Fund Security

When it comes to the protection of your funds, we will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive the absolute best. Our banking security measures are unrivalled in the industry—we have implemented tight fund segregation policies and partnered with Tier-1 banks from highly-regulated jurisdictions so you will be able to trade with absolute peace of mind.

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