The Regal Commitment

Rise Up the Ranks

What we are committed to at Regal Core Markets is simple. We want you to rise up the ranks of the financial ladder and position yourself right at the very top. Our brand is embodied by the brave lion seeking ever greener pastures, hunting for ever larger and ever more substantial prey—it is with this mentality that we approach the financial markets and our business operations. At Regal Core Markets, we believe in sourcing only the most innovative trading technology, employing only the most reliable and time-tested fund security measures and employing only the best support staff.

We seek to proudly stand at the very top of the financial ladder, and we wish no less for our traders. Every operational decision we make as a company, every design choice, every selected feature of our trading platforms is based on the R.E.G.A.L. set of ideals which we wish to imbue in ourselves as well as our traders:

Reach For Your Dreams

We want you never to settle for anything less than your highest trading aspirations, and we will do all we can do help you achieve just that.

Explore More Possibilities

Our wide range of financial instruments offered ensures you will have the world of FX and Derivatives at your fingertips.

Go the Distance

We are in it for the long haul—our team of customer care professionals will ensure your every need is catered to in your trading journey from beginning to beyond.

Apply More Knowledge

Success in the financial markets comes with mastery of its many elements, and our educational resources are designed to guide you there.

Lead the Way into the Future

We are constantly looking for new, innovative technologies to enhance your trading experience so we—together with you—will be able to lead the way into the future of FX and Derivatives trading.