Regal FX Derivatives Trader

Exploit the Power of Simplicity

Through extensive in-house development and countless hours of research, we are proud to present the Regal FX Derivatives Trader which offers a truly radical way to trade. With the Regal FX Derivatives Trader, you will be able to access your derivatives trades through the powerful trading platform without requiring a secondary user account or any third-party software. It is where the most effective method of trading meets the most robust and capable of trading platforms.

Trading derivatives with Regal Core Markets offers the confidence only a technologically-advanced and strictly-regulated broker can provide. We have harnessed the sheer simplicity of derivatives and combined it with the limitless charting capabilities and ultra-flexibility of the trading platform, in doing so creating a trade engine which places the power of derivatives trading right in your hands. The Regal FX Derivatives Trader will give you the confidence you need to exploit your market edge and sustain profits like never before!