Regal Trader

A Peerless Trading Platform for the Peerless Trader

The trading platform is the most reliable and widely-used FX trading terminal across the globe. This trade engine becomes all the more powerful through the unique customizations which are offered by the Regal Trader. We have worked tirelessly alongside Regal Trader to develop a trading platform we and all our traders can be proud of both in terms of the features offered, its ease of use and how effectively it will help you rise up the ranks in the financial markets of today. We believe there is simply no better alternative out there in the markets today, and that is our vision for all our traders as well—we want you to become peerless in your success.

Using the Regal Trader gives you access to highly customizable smart tools which are all designed to enrich your trading experience. Through our robust trade engine, you will be able to monitor open positions, place automatic orders, set up stop-loss levels and be notified on each successful trade. Begin your journey towards becoming a peerless trader today!